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Have you ever added up how much you spend every month on all your marketing systems? Things like your email marketing, calendar booking systems, funnels, landing pages, online forms, sales pipelines, social media management… and more…

That’s what GD Assistant is all about… bringing all these systems together under one, much more affordable and consistent umbrella. One system. One methodology. With customised templates built in. This is something our clients have been wanting for years, and you won’t believe how good it is!

At Girl Director (the name behind GD Assistant) we are dedicated to providing more efficient and easier to use marketing tools and training – all with the objective of increasing your business growth and success.

We focus on your Vision, tap into your Creativity, and set you up with Systems that will simplify your marketing. We teach you how to use and understand these tools, with video marketing and fulfilment at the centre of your playbook…

It’s all about becoming the Director Of Your Own Success.

GD Assistant is the latest product to compliment your journey through video marketing. To learn more about Girl Director Academy and our practical, hands on training, click here:

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Why Choose GD Assistant?

Discover the unique benefits of partnering with us.

Efficiency Boost

Streamline your operations and increase productivity.

Targeted Marketing

Precisely reach your audience with our marketing tools.

Data-driven Decisions

Make informed decisions based on powerful analytics.

Clients Love GD Assistant

GD Assistant transformed my business with its efficient and expansive CRM system. Highly recommended!

– Mary Jones

I’ve seen remarkable growth in my marketing campaigns thanks to GD Assistant. Truly exceptional!

– Jane Smythe

GD Assistant’s tools have revolutionised my business strategy, along with the Girl Director Academy. The two go hand in hand perfectly. Thank you for the support!

– Emily Johnson

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